We don't sell gifts - we sell unique valuables



We are of the opinion, that in our time, where consumption of goods is a prerequisite, the uniqueness lies in the past. We treasure the old craftsmanship and are convinced that around the world plenty of people share our philosophy.


Our gifts are of sustainable nature, something that can be passed from generation to generation!


We pose ourselves the question: Why buying new stuff, if there is so much to discover in old things? This is a sustainable approach, this is how we can reduce waste and a culture of appreciating what already exists rather producing new, less durable  - and often less outstandingly crafted - items. 







Dagmar, the owner of valuniq, is the granddaugther of the artist Metodi Lepavzov (www.lemeto.ch).


Lawyer of profession, she has always been torn between law and art. She has now turned her hobby into a business. It has started off by neighbours, friends and business partners - noting her exquisite taste in furniture and antiques - to organise pieces of arts and treasures for them.


valuniq stands now for creating unique value to the person receiving the gift. A person that has been singled out to receiving a wonderful, incomparable treasure.