Gifts for special moments

Gifts for special moments · 02. Januar 2019
What I so love about vintage articles is that I find beauty in imperfections. This goes totally against our nowadays principles. Nowadays, everything we wish to buy needs to be perfect. Our apples shall look like made of wax, almost artificial. Vintage article make you re-think: Isn't the imperfection what makes vintage things special and dear? In my view, just the imperfections make the vintage articles so interesting and memorable. It shows, they have had a life!
Gifts for special moments · 28. Dezember 2018
Why we love vintage things
Gifts for special moments · 28. Dezember 2018
What a gift for an advertiser! We think merchandising is an invention of recent years. How wrong: Look at the vintage piece of merchandising dating back to the 1920-ies. It was put on the market in Switzerland by the producer of "Ovomaltine". This piece of history in sales promotion will lift the heart of any advertiser or sales person. Why not giving this vintage box to such a professional as a special gift? Or a present for special achievements?